Remembering Ken Henry

2 thoughts on “Remembering Ken Henry”

  1. I think it is a bit cynical to suggest that the Tax Summit is designed to stop Gillard’s polls from falling. Who ever heard of a tax summit helping a politician? More likely is it’s a step towards bringing businesses into the discussion on what the best tax package for the country will need to look like over the next 20 years – particularly given that the amount of money we’ll need to spend on pensions will double in that time.

    Nevertheless, like you, I do wonder at the 138 recommendations turning into almost no action.

    Also, I like the theme of your blog. Nice colours.

    1. Yeah, I suppose Gillard is trying to actually change the system, very so slowly. I do think this tax summit will help her in the polls however. Predicting a very slight increase (2-4%).

      Thanks for the comment and the compliment of the layout. Still tinkering with it all because I’ve obviously only just started.

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